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 Precision Roofing and Coatings LLC provides high quality roof coatings to the businesses of Peoria, Illinois and surrounding area. 

 The Roof of your commercial building is the most important and quite possibly the most expensive decision you will have to make. So why not be completely satisfied and fully trusting in your roofing contractor? That's why you should put your trust in Precision Roofing and Coatings LLC because we have tons of experience and a lot of customers that back us up.

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The City of Peoria, IL

 With a population of over 111,000 people, Peoria,IL is the biggest city on the Illinois river and that means a lot of commercial building owners that are struggling to meet the monthly electric bill. With a Conklin Roofing system they will no longer have to.

One of the things that Peoria,IL is famous for is the fact that they are a very agriculturally rich town. Featuring their own Caterpiller Visitors Center where you can view all of the new latest and greatest CAT products and view a CAT assembly line.

Under The Surface

Highly Reflective

 The best thing about these acrylic roof coatings is the fact that they reflect an average of 80% of the sun's harmful rays. We have all been in that situation, it's coming down to the wire and your not sure if you should replace your roof or simply reseal it. The problem with tearing off your roof and putting on a new one is the fact that it will take at least three to four times longer and be a lot more expensive. If I were you I would go with the roofing system that will save you more money them the one you had previously.

 World's Best Warranties

 The second greatest thing about the Conklin roofing systems is the fact that they have the world's greatest warranties. The warranties that they use are non pro-rated which means everything is covered at all times within the warranty period and you won't have to pay anything. And if you sell the building the warranty will transfer over to the new owner.

Our Goals in Peoria,IL

Satisfy Customers

 We want the customers in Peoria,IL to be completely satisfied with their roof because if not we will redo the entire roof again.

Restore Commercial Roofs

 We want all of the people of Peoria,IL to have a Conklin roof so they can save money in energy costs and in turn put the money into their business.

Establish a Good Name

 Additionally we also want the People of Peoria to be so impressed with our work that they tell their friends that we do great work.

Never Leave a Job Undone

 We also want to make sure we never leave a stone unturned and always fix everything because if not you will have to have your roof redone.

commercial roofer in peoria
commercial roofer in peoria

Request a Free Roofing Estimate in Peoria, IL

Fill out the form below to request a Free Estimate. We will call you within 24 hours to schedule your estimate.