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Do you need a superior solution for your commercial roofing project? Let us develop a solution for you that will solve your roofing needs for decades to come.

New Life for an Old Roof

Choose to restore your existing roof without the burden of a teardown. With one of our many roofing and coating solutions, we'll find the system that's right for your roofing project.

Metal Roof Restoration

Superior Technology

From polyurethanes that cure in the rain, to seamless coatings that resist hail damage, Conklin pioneered today's roofing technolgies.

Premium Conklin Systems

Feeling Green?

With a brilliant white finish, Flexion System coatings meet stringent EPA guidelines for energy efficiency. Turn your roofing project into an investment that will save you money for years!

Flat Roof Systems

David's made me a believer! I didn't believe that our roof could look like new without a teardown. Thanks again for the hard work...

John A. Maintenance Manager, Roughwood Enterprises

PRC's team was professional, polished, and proper. I'd refer them to my grandmother!

Aurthur Beltrand Seedabilities

Fabric Reinforced Flexion System

  1. Metal Deck
  2. EPS Flutes
  3. ISO Insulation
  4. Finished Roof

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Thank you to all our customers who have trusted our service across Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.

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